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Not sure how to clean your glasses? And what is a pupillary distance, anyway? We’ve answered some of our most common questions here. Not finding the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us and ask away!

We stock most single vision lens prescriptions at our Preston Shepard store and can finish glasses within 24 hours, or sometimes while you wait. For progressive lenses or other custom lab lenses, such as sunglasses, it usually takes 5 business days to get the lens. Once we get the lens, we will perform quality checks, cut, finish, and mount the lens into the frame. These glasses are usually ready for pickup within 5-7 business days, which is 7-10 calendar days.

We have a special “Big & Tall” section for men with frames from over a dozen designers in sizes 58-63. We also have women’s frames in sizes 56-60 from over a dozen designers. No more buying sunglasses to get a frame that fits! Designer brands like Boss, David Beckham, Oga, Lightec, Hackett, and many others have recognized that almost 30% of men today need larger frames to fit them properly. Also, our Silhouettes rimless glasses can be customized to fit a wide range of face sizes, from Petite to Big & Tall. We have a variety of frames for every size and shape!

Brave Optical has an extensive collection of Petite sizes in adult styles, including Kate Spade, Kliik, Jimmy Choo, Runway, and Silhouette. Most brands now have several styles available in Petite sizes.

 If you already have a prescription, you do not need an appointment to shop for glasses. If you need a prescription, you can schedule an appointment here with one of the independent doctors of optometry located next door to us at either store.

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As long as the frame passes our inspection, yes! And you don’t have to give up your glasses while we wait for the lenses to come in. We call you when we have your lenses to schedule an appointment for you to have them cut while you wait.

We can put prescription lenses into almost any sports goggles. We do not sell sports goggles since we cannot match the inventory and options of a sporting goods store. If you need prescription sports goggles, you should purchase them at a sporting goods store (make sure they are “RX-able”), then bring them to us with your prescription, and we will mount prescription lenses into them. We stock premium polycarbonate lenses so we can usually do this while you wait.

We do not sell safety frames, but if you have the safety frame we can put prescription lenses in them for you or update your old lenses with new ones.

We have even better reading glasses! You pick your frame and we can put the custom reading power you want in them at no additional charge. We have common powers in stock so we can make them while you wait, and unlike OTC readers, we can customize each eye to match your actual needs.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect frames for your face shape and size. We do custom measurements to make sure your lenses are optimized for your vision. Our lenses are finished in our onsite lab to fit your frame. Once your glasses are ready, we adjust them to fit perfectly. None of that happens online, or at most other optical stores, for that matter. In spite of millions of dollars of R&D spent on trying, nobody has been able to create an app that can take measurements as well as an experienced optician sitting in front of you while you wear the actual frame on your unique face.

All our frames and lenses have at least a one year manufacturer’s defect warranty. If your glasses are in an accident, we can replace them for a greatly reduced cost. Our Nano frames for kids and youth have a total guarantee against breakage for 2 years, so if they are damaged for any reason then they are replaced for free. 

If the glasses don’t work for any reason, our highly experienced opticians will troubleshoot them to find the problem. Sometimes there is an adjustment period, but sometimes there are subtle issues like the curvature of the frame or lens. If you must go back to your doctor and get rechecked and the prescription changes, we can remake the lenses within 60 days one time at no charge.

Because glasses are a custom medical device, we are unable to offer refunds once we have ordered the lenses. We order lenses immediately after you purchase to expedite the process. We are able to do a one-time remake within 60 days, so if you order lenses and don’t like the design, we can change it. For example, you order progressive lenses, then decide you want single vision or you want tinted lenses for sunglasses instead.  We can change it once at no charge.

We do complimentary vision screenings to test your visual acuity (VA). If your VA is less than 20/20, we can schedule an appointment for you with one of the independent optometrists next door to us. We do recommend having your eyes checked by an optometrist at least once a year to rule out any eye diseases or issues. We are always happy to offer our advice, but we are not medical professionals and cannot provide a diagnosis.

We have a section of frames that have reduced prices. They are the ones with the prices written in red! Ask an optician for help locating these. We always have a lens special, too. Ask us or check our promotions page for details!

We are in network with most major vision insurance plans. If you want to know for sure if we take your particular plan, please call us before you come, and we can look it up for you.

You can order contacts for delivery to you or to our store. For glasses, we can ship them to you, but we prefer to fit them to you properly and troubleshoot any issues face to face. We usually ship directly for unusual circumstances like kids at college, in the hospital after a car accident, on vacation after losing your glasses, or traveling for business. Then you can come in for proper fitting when you are back in town or have the time.  

As long as you are putting a prescription lens in them, absolutely! Your eye insurance will cover any prescription lenses, and eye plans offer discounted prices on tint and polarization.

We buy a lot of things online, but glasses are not one that we would recommend. Glasses are designed to place the right prescription in front of your eyes. The center of focus needs to be in front of your eye, otherwise it will draw your eye toward it. This can cause serious issues if your measurements are not correct. For progressive lenses, the channels need to be in the optimum position in order to use them properly. This can only be measured accurately in person by a trained optician. Why spend $300 dollars on a pair of glasses that won’t work properly or could damage your vision when you can spend $350 to get a pair of glasses that will work properly? You can often buy closeout or discontinued frames online and save money. Then bring them to us, and we’ll put prescription lenses into them for you. We keep a limited number of closeout frames in stock at discounted prices.

Our frames have retail price ranges of $99 to $499. We do not use as high a markup as most boutiques, so you will find that your dollars go farther with us. You can get a free plastic single vision lens with any frame purchase. We offer a wide range of lens options and will make recommendations based on your prescription, lifestyle, and relevant medical conditions. We do not believe in over-selling, but we will offer you good, better, and best options. Our top-tier progressive lenses are priced up to $1,400 in high index with all the best bells and whistles. If you have eye insurance, your plan will set the copays for lenses and lens options. If you do not have insurance, we offer bundle pricing of 40% off the lens with the purchase of a frame and 40% off additional pairs. We also offer buy-one-get-one deals on lenses so that you can buy a lens for one pair and get another set of lenses for 75% off. Ask about our current lens promotions or check out the promotions page.

Brave Optical offers progressive lenses from Hoya, Essilor, Shamir and other quality labs as well as single vision lenses from Somo, Hoya, Essilor, Seiko, and other quality labs. We are an authorized dealer for Maui Jim and offer authentic single vision and progressive lenses from Maui Jim.

Every lens we sell is UV-protected. Also, almost all contact lenses on the market today are UV=protected.

Brave Optical has a full line of cleaning supplies, but the best way to keep your glasses clean and like new is to wash them in the sink with running water. You can hold them by the temples under the tap and use your other hand to wash them with either liquid hand soap or dishwashing liquid–you don’t need much! There is nothing that will rust on glasses, and the hinges and everything benefit from cleaning. After washing and rinsing, tap them against your hand to get most of the water off, then buff them with a clean microfiber cloth. Your glasses will be perfectly clean with no residue and will repel dust and moisture most of the day. Remember to wash our microfiber cloth every week or so to keep it clean.

Absolutely not! Like all paper products, Kleenex and toilet paper are made from wood fiber. Wood fiber is harder than your glasses and will create micro scratches, similar to very fine sandpaper. You can clean your glasses with any type of clean cloth fabric, but never with tissue paper or toilet paper. Nylon, cotton, and other fabrics will not scratch your lens, but dust or dirt on the fabric can. So, make sure your shirt is clean before wiping your lenses. And if you have paper dust on your lens or any type of crystalline dust (like sand), your shirt can turn that dust into a plow and cut a fine scratch into your lens.

We literally make glasses for our mothers, fathers, children, siblings, and best friends. If you want the best optical care, we recommend Brave Optical.